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We offer other various business training to many people from different organization, cooperatives, associations and groups in order to promote their business and projects.


Under this Project HEM is engaged in long-term and durable activities. The project addresses the problems of youth and other members of the community. At this level, HEM helps youth to expand their capabilities by promoting creativity and innovation matching with their talents and vocations. Then, HEM helps them start new projects and to be prepared to their future and the future of their families. So, HEM organizes seminars, conferences, professional training, and study trips to equip them with wide knowledge and skills needed in their lives. Lastly but not the least, HEM provide start-up capital to the youth at the end of the professional training and follows up to make sure that their visions becomes realities.

On the other hand, HEM using Focus Business School (FBS) Courses offers business training within many groups, focusing on the “Saving Culture” and the “hard and smart work”. By this, we have initiated and supported Saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) for youth and women in order to give them opportunity to have capital start-up and to gain business management skills for the bright future of their families.

In the field of environmental protection and promotion of nutrition, which is in the centre of our lives; HEM promotes fruit trees plantation. This has a double function: to protect our environment and improve diet.   


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