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HOW CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE?   There are lots of ways! 

- You can DONATE to our Refugee Total Orphans Project.  The funds you donate will be spent to provide for food, and care (including medical) for orphans that are less than five years old.   These children are cared for by caregivers who are themselves refugees living in a refugee settlement. In this project we are caring for 25 refugee total orphans.  We will provide email updates and photos to monthly donors on a semi-annual basis as to how these orphans are doing.  Please click here  to visit the HEM Refugee Total Orphans Project Donation page.  Donor to this project will received official charity tax receipts for use when submitting Canadian or American tax filings.  


- You can DONATE to help support the many other initiatives and activities of HEM in other areas such as education for African children and youth, support for widows and the elderly and for supporting financial inclusion.  We URGENTLY need funds for medical care and to help older children who are without family care.  Please see the through the About Us / Help Serve With Us  page in our menu,  or click here to open the Conform Us form and we will be glad to be in touch with you. 

- You can become a HEM Virtual Volunteer, where you will have a chance to meet others that are working with and supporting HEM in Africa, in Canada and the US, while also making a real difference in peoples lives.   We have numerous research, writing and editing tasks, as well as fund-raising and social media work that needs attention.  Please click here to contact us and we will send you details concerning volunteer opportunities. 

- Finally and just as important we ask that you Please Pray to Our Father that we may be able to do the very best job possible of providing help to those children and others who really are among the most vulnerable people in the world.


Thank YOU! 


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