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Urgent Appeal for Support to

“Total Orphans in Uganda Refugee Settlement”

We are writing to bring to your attention a critical situation affecting total orphans, particularly those under the age of five, in the refugee settlements of Uganda, in East Central Africa.

The harsh reality faced by these vulnerable children is heartbreaking. All of them have been left without parents, relatives, or any form of support. Many are living in extreme poverty with little to no access to basic necessities such as food, medicine, milk, and clothing. The absence of a working support system only worsens their lives, leaving them in a state of serious vulnerability.

Hope foe Eternity Ministry (or HEM) is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those facing adversity, and has been working continuously to address the needs of these total refugee orphan children. However, the scale of the challenge greatly exceeds our current resources.  Therefore, we are reaching out to compassionate individuals (as well as organizations), to ask for support for these orphaned children. Your generous contribution can  make a  significant difference  in providing them with the essentials needed for survival.

To contribute, you can visit our website at www.HEMAFRICA.ORG or contact Pastor Bonaventure at +151981983630 or by email at For inquiries and for ways to direct contributions, you may also reach out to  For those seeking tax donation receipts, online donations can easily be made through our partner Bridge of Hope   (click BoH link here).  Please specify  that your  support is  intended for the HEM Total Orphans Project.

We encourage you to consider regular donations of at least $10 per month, which would cover the cost of providing milk for one child per month. Your sustained commitment to this cause can help ensure that these total orphans receive the care and support they urgently need.

We deeply appreciate your consideration of this urgent appeal. Your kindness will not only help address the immediate suffering of these children, but also contribute to building a foundation for their future well-being.

In closing, we would like to express our gratitude for your compassion and generosity. Your support is a beacon of hope for these young lives, and we believe that, together, we can make a lasting impact.

Thank you for your donations, and we wish you abundant blessings.


HEM Team (Uganda and Canada)

Pastor Bony, Pastor Damien, Field Worker Devota, Project Support Terry

Key for success

Hope for Eternity Ministry (HEM) is a Christian charity organization established in Uganda, East Africa in 2013, to bring back hope to vulnerable people.  On May 12, 2023 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We are active in a number of  humanitarian aid and development areas, all of which are shown across our site.  

Today there are 1.52 million refugees living in Uganda. During the Covid 19 pandemic, and our second severe lockdown (see New & Events), we conducted an emergency fund-raising campaign for refugee orphans under our care.  Funds for food and medication were urgently needed.  They still are!  You can learn more and help by visiting our Refugee Total Orphans page.  If you might wish to learn about and possibly support HEM's other initiatives please visit our Other HEM Initiatives page.  


Your help is urgently needed to support refugee orphans.  Please donate today, by clicking the HELP button below. 

Your donation is tax deductible. 

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