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ISOM is an International School of Ministry established in America by Good Shepherd Ministry International. From 2014, HEM is in partnership with the above ministry in training pastors and church leaders with the curriculum of ISOM at Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Levels. 

Through HEM, this Bible School succeeded a lot with 1500 pastors and church leaders trained and graduated in Central and East Africa Countries (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi). Actually, we are working with 65 denominations which have 334 different churches. All our teachings are conducted through class teaching and videos according to the number and need of the participants.

                                                             FEED MY FLOCK

In this project HEM trains trainers from different local churches who later train back their church leaders and members.  This is done through seminars, conferences, workshops, and study trips. The topics to cover during trainings come from them and are related to their top needs, problems and realities.

In HEM Pentecostal church we focus on couple issues, youth and church management and leadership.


                                                     SCHOOL OF COUNSELING

This project aims at training pastors and church leaders in counseling skills. This helps to heal people with broken hearts from different local churches especially church leaders and their family members.

Uganda is the first country in Africa to host a large number of refugees from different countries. Among those refugees, there are a big number of pastors, church leaders and Christians with broken hearts due to their historical background and problems. None can help another.


Therefore, HEM took initiative to start a school of counseling, peace building and conflict resolution in order to help, first of all, heal church leader’s hearts, gain self-esteem, self-confidence who in turn help to heal others' hearts. This school also aims at training trainers in counseling, peace building and conflict resolution in Africa and worldwide.

Up to now, the school is providing informal training to Pastors and Church leaders. However, there is a formal curriculum which will be used while sponsorship will be available.

We plan to schedule training events as resources and students are available.  A training outline in English and in kinyrwanda can be obtaining by clicking either one of the buttons  below.

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