Oct 3, 2020 News Post

HEM September 2020 Activities Report

In addition to managing the care giving for refugee orphans project, HEM is also very active in a number of care and support development initiatives for the most vulnerable.  Each month Pastor Bony provides an online update complete with photos and statistics of those activities.  The HEM Sept 2020 activities report is now available.  Please click here to access it.

Sept 15, 2020 New Post

Launch of Refugee Total Orphan Fund-Raising 

An international Zoom meeting was held during the evening of Tuesday Sept 15, 2020. The launch meeting was attended by Bonaventure Dusabumuremyi (also known as Pastor Bony), Executive Director of Hope for Eternity Ministry or HEM (Kampala, Uganda), and with Daniel Zopoula, CEO of Bridges for Hope or BoH (Lethbridge, Canada) joining in.  In addition, eight to ten attending online, Pastor Glen Povey, and more than a dozen members of Morning Star Ministry Church (Regina, Canada) also attended. The meeting highlighted the urgent need for funds especially for food and medication for refugee orphans in the Kyaka II settlement camp.


More help is urgently needed because of Covid19 and the reduction in international aid funding, coupled with the rising number of refugee orphans.  Note: The secure electronic donation link is now operational and may be accessed by clicking here.  Participants were asked to help by chipping in whatever they can as soon as possible.  They were also encourage to share this new and the HEMAfrica.org website their friends and co-workers.


In spite of a minor technical glitch the launch was held as planned.  The gathering was faciliatory by Terry MacDonald, HEM Refugee Orphans Project Manager (Regina, Canada). Prayers for the orphans, and the fund-raising project were given by Pastor Glen Povey, and Associate Pastor Attila Csakany of Morning Star Ministries.

September 11, 2020 News Post

Sept  15, 2020 HEM Refugee Orphan Campaign

In just 4 more days will will begin the start of a one year fund raising campaign.  Funding is urgently need to help support orphans in refugee settlements in Uganda who at this time are in dire need of funds for food and medicines.  Funds raised are to provide food, clothing (and diapers), and medicines to as many children as HEM can support.  With covid19 the amount of aid available has reduced, while the needs (and the expenses) have increased.  The number of orphans has also increased over the past few months. Our projects aims to help those refugee orphans of five years and less. Click here to lean more and go to our DONATE page. Please check in again for further detail in the future.

August 8, 2020 News Post

Aug 15, 2020 Donor Funding Campaign Launch

Terry MacDonald, HEM's project manager in Canada indicates that while various details are still to be worked out, donor funding can and will officially kick off on September 15, 2020.  The funds raised are to provide food, clothing (and diapers), and medicines to as many children as HEM can support.  Those most in need are total orphans of five years and less. Please check in again for further detail at that time!

July 2, 2020 News Post

Donor Funding Partnership Announcement

HEM is pleased to announce following a due diligence process that they are partnering with Bridges of Hope International (BoH) in undertaking a fund raising campaign for refugee orphan children.  While there are still many things to be put in place and details to be worked out  everyone is excited to be moving forward in this effort. Certainly this is an important  milestone in HEM's humanitarian aid work.  HEM also is pleased to  report Terry MacDonald,  of  Regina, Sk Canada, has agreed to  serve as their project manager and liaison for this work. 

Over the next 4-6 weeks Terry will be working with HEM and BoH developing detailed organizational, technical, and campaign plans for engaging with donors for the fund raising effort. Certainly there is a great deal to do and to learn.  Terry will also be looking for interested volunteers to work with him in the project.  The initial project budget is $30,000.  Raising this amount during these uncertain times will no doubt be a challenge, but one that can be achieved by people working together and sharing.

During the first half of 2020 international humanitarian aid has fallen by roughly a third in Uganda. Aid funding is expected to continue falling throughout the year.   Many of the international aid organizations (both large and small) have recalled their field workers thus further compounding getting what help there may be available, to those depending on it.  During July 2020 it is reported that as many as 10,000 additional refugees will be arriving in Uganda from the Congo (DRC) seeking safety from conflict.  Currently there are some 1.35 million refugees resident within Uganda, east Africa.  Reports show that more than 80% of all refugees in the country are women and children.

June 20, 2020 News Post

World Refugee Day - June 20, 2020 & Funding!

The United Nations theme of World Refugee Day this year is "every action counts." Everyone can make a difference, says the world body and it is the responsibility of each one of us to make sure that no one is left behind. The focus is to bring about changes to make the world more inclusive.

HEM has put out calls for emergency aid be it $10, 20, 50 or more to assist the growing plight faced by refugees in its care.   Sadly - because of the various factors associated with the Covid 19 spread, the supply of  funding for refugee aid is dropping, such that at mid year the need for aid is now far outstripping the supply supply. At the same time the number of refugees in Uganda, (mostly of women and children), is increasing daily.


Work to bolster HEM's international fund raising efforts has been underway for sometime. Earlier in June a 40 plus page detailed project proposal to support orphan children was submitted by HEM to Bridges of Hope International for their consideration.  This concluded a number of earlier discussions with Bridges of Hope as to the requirements for a formal partnership arrangement with HEM.  More details are expected be early in July.

May 5, 2020 News Post

HEM Commemorates 7 Years of Service

On May 5 through May 12, 2020 Hope for Eternity Ministry paused to commemorate  seven years of service to the Lord, and to his children.   To follow the steps year over year and each day of EMMISION,  you may click on each of the gold buttons below.

We give thanks to the Lord for his care and his mercy during each of these years.  We acknowledge the wonderful support given by our workers and others. We  especially celebrate the contributions made by the many members of the churches of the Hope for Eternity Ministry. 

April 21, 2020 News Post


While most people are OK in Uganda, and there are only a few cases at this time, because of the lock down, in the refugee settlements supported by HEM, there is much suffering, especially for orphans. Other support organizations have left the camps and the already limited funding for foodstuffs have reduced by a further 30 percent.  Here at this time personal travel is very restricted, so just getting by is growing increasingly difficult.   We ask those learning of our situation to please pray for us and to  pray especially for those in our care.