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No man or woman is an island. We all are, and serve as,  parts of, God's kingdom.  Thank you for your interest in the work that we are doing in Africa.


As you will see elsewhere on our website we have, with God's help, accomplished  much over the past seven years.  Our host country, Uganda, in East Africa, is one place where refugees from other neighboring countries are often forced to travel to, in order to avoid persecution, violence and starvation.  Nevertheless living conditions here are still very difficult.  Without resources, or  contacts,  survival becomes almost impossible for a great many.  

As you will see we are working hard to support all refugees to become self-sufficient, through skills training, self-help, and financial  management.  At the same time, there are many, especially children, and the elderly, women in particular, who also need humanitarian aide.  This, has, and remains, a significant challenge for all of us. 


We are currently actively seeking development partners as well as individual  donors. We have a sound track record! If you personally , or your organization, or church group, might be interested in working with us, please get in touch with us and we will gladly look for ways in which we might co-operate with you in this ministry. 

                                    PROJECTS WHICH NEED YOUR SUPPORT

We have a number of projects which require funding.  We are including three draft project outlines  for which we are seeking partners and supporters to work with us at this time. All projects are subject to revision and fine tuning based upon the partner requirements (timeline, involvement and resources) and on everyone managing to deal with the corona virus. 





Please contact us for further details.  Here are our contact details; we will be in touch with you, very promptly, we promise:


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